Our Partners

Animal Welfare Matters

Animal Welfare Matters is based in South Yorkshire and is online HERE. It aims to improve welfare through education and making changes to how pets are owned. It is run by Vet and Animal Behaviour and Welfare Advisor Kim Halford.

Kim’s wide range of skills enable enable her to explain, in-depth and clearly, issues that your vet may have outlined in your pet. She can also assess your pet’s issues and explore changing how you care for the pet. Sometimes changing the pet’s surroundings, or how people and other animals act around them, can help them feel a lot better.

Kim is happy to work with your vet, to help improve your pet’s health and welfare, and to help you as a prospective pet owner, to buy or adopt pets which suit your needs and lifestyle.

She delivers education and support via:

  • Animal blogs (both on this website and her own)
  • Educational talks
  • One-to-one sessions
  • Welfare assessments
  • Phone/ email support
  • Online courses
  • Writing animal health, care or behaviour articles

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