About Jane, founder of Paws Positive

Hello there,

I’m Jane Burton, owner and founder of Paws Positive dog training academy.

I have always loved animals and, from a very early age, cared deeply for my own pets and spent many an happy hour teaching them basic commands.

When I moved to Turkey, I started to work with the ex-pat community there, on street neutering programmes, helping local shelters and pounds and setting up a charity to help fund food, shelter and vet fees.

On my return home, I set up our sister business, Paws 4 a Break – a home-boarding/ dog-walking/ pet services business.

This became very popular, very quickly –¬† but I knew I wanted to learn more about what makes dogs tick, and how to help these dogs with behavioural problems… as I could see how frustrated they and their owners were.

I knew there must be away to stop dogs being sent to rescue – just because their owners couldn’t handle their problems. So I began researching – and found some truly exceptional mentors and instructors to teach me.

I’ve spent the past six years continually learning, observing and practising the fields of training and behaviour, and I have done many courses, becoming an accredited member of many different organisations.

Among these, I have completed many courses with the world-renowned Dr Ian Dunbar – study which was invaluable to me.

I have also completed courses with Victoria Stillwell and Sarah Whitehead ABTD, becoming a member of the “force free” guild, PPGBI.

I spent the past year being mentored by team GB dog agility trainer Lauren Langman, and Dr Tom Mitchell a veterinary behaviourist – who formed the company Absolute Dogs – and I am now an accredited and certified professional dog trainer in their academy.

I was really inspired by the new innovative “force free” games-based approach that Tom and Lauren brought to the training world, and I knew I had to pioneer this technique in my home area of South Yorkshire, as dogs and their owners ¬†were missing out on this essential way of learning.

Hence, Paws Positive dog training academy was created.

I began with one-to-one consultation/training work, in my home or that of my clients. But having now secured a venue, I am adding full classes, workshops and seminars to the Paw Positive itinerary.

I do hope you feel inspired to come on the journey with me, as we seek to make our doggies both better-behaved and… HAPPIER!