How we work

Training your dog

I presume you are here because you and your pooch are have had a breakdown in the relationship between you… or neither managed to build one in the first place; probably because the behaviours that your dog is showing are not what you want to live with.

The number one reason in the UK that dogs are relinquished to shelters or re-homed is due to behaviour problems.

At Paws Positive, we don’t train your dog ourselves. This would be futile, as when you took over the helm, the dog would probably revert back to his old ways.

Instead, we train YOU to train your dog.

Once you have learned the techniques from us, you can continue to teach your dog throughout the days or weeks between classes or training sessions.

This is important, since – contrary to popular belief – dogs don’t get fixed in class; they need 24/7 dog training. Your dog will continue to learn by itself, whether you are part of the process or not! Trouble is, left to its own devices it will more than likely learn behaviours you really DON’T want.

Instead, we will show you how training is fun and easy to fit in with your lifestyle, using three-minute games – to get the outcomes you DO want.

So how does paws positive itself operate?

Members and Guests

The minute you book and pay for a course with us, you are added to our Member list. This is very important, because it grants you access to our exclusive Pawsitivity Zone. In this area, you will find endless videos, games, tips and much more, to help you complete and continue your training. And the zone will be there for you to refer to, should you let Rover slip back into his old ways!

However, if you are not yet ready to avail yourself of one of our courses, you can sign up free of charge to join our Guest List, simply by adding your name and email address to our GUEST SIGN-UP. This will open your world to free newsletters and tips from Paws Positive, sent straight to your inbox.

Training courses

We have a number of group training courses established, to cover the many aspects of training your dog – from puppy, right up to adulthood. To read the details and book a course, click HERE

One-to-one clients

We also see clients on a bespoke, one-to-one basis to tackle any problem(s) with your dog. Check out our one-to-one training, HERE


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