Our training methods

How we can help

Do any of these sound familiar to you ?

  • Your dog barks at the doorbell
  • Your dog lunges at other dogs
  • Your dog is fearful
  • Your dog ignores you when called
  • Your dog is destructive
  • Your dog toilets or marks in the house
  • Your dog steals food
  • Your dog mouths your hand playfully
  • Your dog pulls on the lead
  • Your dog runs away and refuses to recall

These are just a few of many, many dog behaviours. And if your dog exhibits any (or all) of them – DON’T worry! There’s a Game for that – and any of your dog’s struggles can be turned into strengths, using our completely revolutionary training regime.

What is this new method?

Concept-based dog training is a new, innovative and inspiring way to learn. Teaching dogs commands such as sit, down, stay and stand are great, but they don’t always transfer into the real world, or allow us to attain the harmony and behaviour that we want from a family dog or even a working dog.

Here at Paws Positive, we work on building a great relationship, through dog and owner partnerships. We look at different concepts; such as focus, calmness, arousal up/down, impulse control, confidence, tolerance of frustration, to name but a few.

Then we use specially-designed games to build the concepts lacked by the dog in front of us, to help us shape and round-out the dog’s personality.

All our training is force-free. I have signed the force-free pledge and am a member of the guild. Our emphasis is on fun …. not just for the dog but for you too.

Through our games, we enable our dogs to want to make the right choices – the ones that lead to joint harmony in our homes and lives.

Every second of every day, our dogs are making choices – too many for us to be able to intervene every time. Instead, dogs choose something that we happen to find appropriate or not. They are not doing this to annoy us… it just happens.

SO, we must give them the tools to naturally choose the behaviours we like. For example, if your dog sees a rabbit, he has the choice to either chase that rabbit or stay with you. Think of these choices as tunnels in the dog’s brain. Through games, we can help to make the choice tunnel of chasing the rabbit dark,¬† dingy, and not very inviting; whilst the tunnel to stay near you becomes bright, light and exciting.

This is definitely not about forcing a dog into a behaviour or teaching a behaviour to be performed on cue. It’s about making good choices become as normal as breathing. With our training, you will learn how to lead your dog to the right tunnel.

Your options

At present, we offer private trainer one-to-one consultations, private behaviour consultations, group classes, seminars and one subject workshops throughout the year. Check out the details of our courses and book them HERE, or visit our EVENTS page, to see when they are running!

Must my dog have a behavioural problem for me to join ?

No! Group classes and one-to-ones are great for all dogs; from very young puppies right through to dogs in their senior years, all can play the games. In fact, using games with puppies from as young an age as possible, almost always leads to the perfect, bomb-proof dog – the one you dreamed of when you chose him, and the one you can take anywhere with you, with total peace of mind.

The games both build a solid foundation and help address behaviours that need revisiting at any time. In a lot of cases, elderly dogs go back to a puppy-like state and they need the games as much as the puppies do. By stimulating a elderly dog’s brain, you improve the dog’s quality of life.

And by choosing Paws Positive you don’t just get me as your trainer and behaviourist… for I am supported by top UK Vet behaviourist Tom Mitchell,¬†world renowned dog trainer and agility competitor Lauren Langman – and a full tribe of fellow concept trainers!